The latest from Shinedown gives you two concerts, one electric and one acoustic. From experience, either one would be worth your money. Shinedown has consistently brought it in every show we've ever seen or heard. It's also my personal belief that Brent Smith will go down as one of the best vocalists in all of rock history. Brent has shown his versatility with covers as varied as U2 and Lynyrd Skynyrd. This guy has got the goods.

Sixx A.M. is an enigma to me. I don't like Nikki Sixx. I think he's a sell-out junkie who's one merchandising deal away from turning into Gene Simmons. I don't harbor any illusions; I know musicians have to market themselves, it's the way some do it that is a little off-putting. Now, with that said, Sixx A.M. has put out some awesome music, for this I give credit to D.J. Ashba (who's also done time in Guns 'N Roses). Anyways, good music is good music even if one of the artists is a douchenozzle.

Enjoy these video previews of both.