If I miss out on pregame before a Dallas Cowboys game I go a little crazy and if you are someone that watches the CBS pregame show, prepare yourself for a new lineup.

I am more of a fan of the FOX pregame show than CBS. In fact I am not a fan of how CBS covers the NFL, with the exception of the NFL Network I think they have the worst coverage of the sport. I think the reason I love FOX is because I get to watch Jimmy Johnson during the pregame show. If I am lucky Troy Aikman is the guy broadcasting for the Cowboys game on FOX.

CBS is going to be getting rid of both hall of fame players Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe. As of right now the only hire is former Atlanta Falcon tight end Tony Gonzalez. Many speculate they are saving a seat for Peyton Manning once he retires or if Rex Ryan was let go by the Jets, CBS would have hired him. If the Dallas Cowboys did play on CBS, which is rare, I would watch their pregame show. I thought Dan Marino did a great job, however Shannon Sharpe I thought was terrible. We will see how Tony Gonzalez does next season.