A ton of blockbusters are coming out this summer, but in my opinion it looks like Godzilla is going to win out.

I am a huge Godzilla fan and I have seen a good majority of the old school films. We have had some recent Godzilla movies, the terrible 1999 remake with Matthew Broderick is the one that everyone remembers. Godzilla has been in over 30 movies throughout the years, some awesome and some terrible. My favorite when I was a kid was 'Ghidorah, The Three Headed Monster'. If your a fan of old school monster movies you have got to check it out.

Once again Hollywood is remaking the Godzilla movie and I think this time they are going to get it right. The monster looks incredible and the star studded cast I don't think can disappoint. You have Bryan Cranston fresh off of making Breaking Bad and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, as you probably know him Kick Ass.

As some people may know the original movie is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. They do plan on re-releasing it into theaters in high definition and believe me I want to see it. I think to get us all in the mood for the upcoming movie they should release it countrywide a month before the new one comes out. As of right now only thirteen theaters are getting the movie. The closest one to us is in Houston, sounds like a road trip for me.

Check Out the Latest Trailer for Godzilla Below: