Let's be honest as a player you would not know what to do in this situation.

During a team meeting, head coach Bo Pelini had a cell phone go off in the bag of defensive tackle Thad Randle - who was in on the joke. Pelini has a strict "no cell phone" policy in team meetings and pretended to blow a gasket after the phone rang, leaving the room to get a hammer and then coming back to smash the phone.Randle then walked out of the meeting and had Pelini follow him out of the room, followed by loud noises in the hallway that sounded like the two were exchanging blows.

After a very awkward couple of seconds of not knowing what to do. The words "Got Ya" appear on the overhead projector. If you have never seen an entire football teams minds simultaneously blow, it is pretty awesome.

Watch the Nebraska Head Coach's Prank Below: