As a Stars fan I got no respect for the Predators and this guy actually got someone to marry him by doing this. So that is very depressing for a single guy like me.

The Nashville Predators have a very passionate fan base. Some of them go a little too crazy for some. Everyone meet Big Ben, he has become a staple to the Nashville Predators jumbotron. Mainly because he paints his belly and dances around. Anything for your five seconds of fame, right?

Well this past weekend was Valentine's Day as we all know and Big Ben wanted to pop the question to his girlfriend. So he did it in the only way Big Ben could. By writing will you marry me on his chest. Somehow she said yes to this. Congratulations, I guess. This is going to go down as one of the strangest proposals I have ever seen.

Oh yeah, Go Stars and always Smash Nash!

Check Out the Proposal Below: