Summer and beer go perfectly together. Why not relive one of the coolest summer movies by drinking the exact same can that Captain Quint drank.

I love the movie 'Jaws', whenever it is on I have to watch it. One of the funnier scenes in the movie is when Captain Quint chugs a can of Narragansett beer and then crushes it in his hand. After that Hooper chugs some water out of a plastic cup and crushes it.

I guess Narragansett beer is bringing back their retro can similar to what Miller Lite did earlier this year bringing back their retro white cans. I have never had Narragansett beer because it is only sold in New England. However I now want to road trip it up there, just to see if I can chug one as cool as Quint did.

Check Out the Famous Jaws Scene Below: