The television channel E! has a new reality series coming out pretty soon and they just released the first trailer for the show. So how would you like to see how the best swimmer in history lives his life?

Well I would love to see that too, but unfortunately, Micheal Phelps doesn't have his own TV show yet so how about we just watch Ryan Lochte instead? I know it doesn't sound as good and that sometimes you feel bad for laughing at the guy because you can't tell which bus he should be (I say the short one), but it'll have to do for now.

The show follows eleven-time Olympic medalist Lochte around his home in Gainesville, Florida, as he trains, parties and tries to pick girls up at the bar, which from the trailer, I would say is not one of his strong points. And if that's not enough, they also explore his blossoming bromance with friend/assistant Gene, take you inside the Lochte family household, discuss what the "Lochte Edge" is and tries to remember how many medals he won at the last Olympics. How do you forget about winning on the worlds biggest stage?

The best part of the show, that's sarcasm, has to be when he begins to describe how to say his trademarked catchphrase, "JEAH," and spoiler alert! It sounds different than it looks. So check out the trailer below and just so you remember to avoid this show, or watch, it's your life, (but if you'd like a better way to kill off just as many brain cells just let us know) it premiers Sunday, April 21st at p.m.