“Trolling” is defined in the Urban Dictionary as “being a jerk (assh@le) on the internet because you can”. I got a better idea, why not be “nice because you can”?  At issue is the recent breakups and loss of band members by some peoples favorite bands. Why do you insist on pouring salt in the wounds and antagonizing people who are already a little upset?  Is that really how you want to live your life? Don’t you realize that all that stuff you talk will come back to you and it’s probably going to be pretty unpleasant?  More after the jump.

Saliva broke up, Volbeat lost a guitar player, Drowning Pool is looking for their 4th singer.  In each case I’ve seen comments saying “good”, “they suck anyways” and worse.  Wouldn’t “Sorry, but I never liked ‘em anyways” be enough?  Why do you have to include a putdown?

The problem is, not only will these things happen to your favorite bands in the future, but at some point, YOU WILL forget that you’re in the real world and act like you do on the internet. At that point, some really bad things are liable to happen to you. It’s easy to be a snide little sh@t on the internet, but there are people who are very passionate about their favorite bands and they won’t tolerate your lip.  I know people who love the above mentioned bands enough that if they heard you disparage them in public, they’d knock your head off.

I’m not making threats here, I’m just asking “whats the upside” to slamming something somebody else loved?  It may get you attention, but very little of that attention is going to be good. You may think it’s snarky and fun, but most people look at your comments and think “what a sh#thead, go kill yourself”.

A band breaking up doesn’t “make more room” for the bands you like, it just leaves an empty space in the hearts and minds of people who liked them. Act like your mom taught you some manners.