War World Z, the new Brad Pitt movie about a zombie apocalypse, won't be in theaters here in the states until June 21, but across the sea in the mystical land of England, the movie enjoyed it's premier release on Sunday. And if being one of the first to see the movie wasn't good enough, Muse even performed after the movie in London's St. James Park, for FREE! The band performed eight songs in front of a crowd of 15,000.

World War Z features several songs from Muse and according to frontman Matt Bellamy, it was the best use of the bands music in a movie yet. He also went on to say, "We've done our music in films a few times, but this is definitely like my favorite one I've seen so far . . . they invited me and Dom (Howard, Muse drummer) to go and see like early cuts of the film and we saw some like really crazy chaos stuff."

War World Z will be in theaters here in the mighty U.S. of A. on June 21, and maybe if your lucky, Muse will show up in your town to rock out for free, although I wouldn't count on it. You can check out the band's performance of "Knights of Cydonia" from Sunday night below.