After almost three years since the release of their last album Massive Aggressive and a move from Earache to Nuclear Blast Records, Municipal Waste have dropped one of - if not their best - albums to date with The Fatal Feast.

Sometimes a change of label serves as a proverbial kick in the ass and a band will come back with one of their strongest offerings and while Massive Aggressive was certainly no slouch, The Fatal Feast has a space-horror vibe (made obvious by the artwork) that immediately sets it apart from their other records.

Don't get me wrong, it's not all about the vibe because the music is seriously rippin' in classic Waste fashion and the riffs in particular really do it for me on the release. And none other than the riff-master himself, guitarist Ryan Waste dialed me up for last Saturday's (4/7) edition of The Oath and you can check out the two part interview below.

Ryan Waste - Municipal Waste Interview Part I

Ryan Waste - Municipal Waste Interview Part II