LEMMY IS GOD! He has to be. Now 66yrs young, Lemmy is a legend in many ways, his riffs are like none other, he can party anyone of us under the table, AND not to mention Lemmy lays more pipe than a plumber. Dude is the epitomy of Rock N Roll and is involved now more than ever with his music.

We can officially put Lemmy on Bum Status. He actually got the nickname Lemmy( born Ian Fraser Kilmister) back in the day from all his chums. He would ask his boys,"Lemmy a Quid till Friday" for dough to feed his gambling addiction, in grade school! Wikipedia is fucking addicting, you should try it sometime!

Enough with the BS. In short Lemmy is the man. He has a upcoming tour with his first love, the almighty, Motorhead. He's also got a new record with side act, HeadCat due out soon. And the reason you've read through most of this crap, hes is planning to release a 10 track solo album! It gets even better. He told billboard.com, among his co-labs will be Dave Grohl, Joan Jett, Reverend Horton Heat, and the damned. Yep, Hella Excited for this one. Although Lemmy hasn't given a release date he did say that he is shooting for early 2012.

Billboard also asked Lemmy what to expect from the new album. "It's good. It goes all kinds of directions," he says. "It's either very inconsistent or very eclectic, depending how you look at it."

Either way, its Lemmy. C'mon,cant be anything less than the best. Be on the lookout for, uh...well no title yet but Lemmy did say, "Maybe I'll call it 'False Teeth for the Deaf. " Rock on Lemmy, Rock on.

You can get the whole Billboard interview right here.