Nothing like being wasted and enjoying some delicious food. I will eat just about anything, but around the world they eat some strange stuff.

When your drunk food is food, but you always have your favorites. Some people love fast food or you have the always classic Denny's late night run. I would eat about anything on this list when I was drunk with a few exceptions. In Canada they eat something called poutine, fries covered in gravy and cheese curds. I would have to be on the verge of blackout to try that one.

In Wichita Falls my favorite drunk foods you can only get when you're day drinking. So during football season it is perfect. First you can try Taco Casa's spicy bean burritos. I can not urge you enough to get spicy. Then go to the gas station next store and buy a bag of Fritos. Put them inside the burrito and add exactly three hot sauce packets to it.

If Mexican food is not your thing try Hunans to go. DO NOT GET TO GO FROM THE BUFFET! They have a to go menu where they will actually cook the food fresh. Get the Hunan Tso's chicken with fried rice. I can assure you your hunger will be no more after that delicious meal.

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