I have got two tattoos right now and it would be pretty cool if they started paying for themselves.

I absolutely love the tattoos that I have, but I could not imagine being a walking billboard just to get some free stuff. Nikkole Paulun, who appeared on the show '16 and Pregnant' recently got an Electrik Beach tattoo and it got her free tanning for life. One loyal KFC fan just got a double down tattoo. Yeah the delicious chicken sandwich where the "bread" was two pieces of chicken with bacon and cheese in the middle. You feel like a piece of crap while eating one, but its still good.

Then you have the crazy brand tattoos. Like the guy that got a McDonald's receipt tattooed on his arm. Now that is some loyalty to the golden arches. I currently have two tattoos. I have the Baltimore Orioles 'Cuckoo Bird' on my left arm and on my right arm I have the Dallas Cowboys 'Cowboy Joe'. If in any way these could get me free tickets for any team I am going to take it.

Check Out the New KFC Double Down Tattoo Below: