I am not a big fan of college football, but maybe if they started serving beer I would be attending more games.

I have never been to a division one college football game. I went to maybe three Midwestern State games when I attended college there. My number one complaint with college sports is how wasted people get during tailgating. Don't get me wrong, every sporting event has too much pregaming. It seems though for college sports it is taken to a whole new level. The response I get every time from people as to why they drink so much is because they don't serve any alcohol on the inside.

Damn, that does make sense. If I was attending a Dallas Cowboys game and they were not serving beer on the inside, I would be getting wasted in the parking lot. Three schools will start selling beer inside their stadiums this coming season, two of them actually in Texas. North Texas, SMU and Troy University will begin beer sales to the general public this season. They're among 21 on-campus football stadiums where any fan of legal age can grab a brew. That's more than twice as many as five years ago.

I really think this is a great idea for everyone involved. West Virginia has been doing this the past three years. Beer sales have produced no less than $516,000 each of the last three years for West Virginia, and campus police report alcohol-related incidents at Mountaineer Field have declined sharply.

I think college football needs beer. I know I don't attend games because of it. Maybe if it was offered I would attend a game every now and then. It brings a lot of revenue to your school and I really believe that fans will ease up on the pregame drinks before heading into the stadium.