'Man of Steel' has been ousted out of the top spot in box office earnings after just one week. A pair of new blockbuster films came out over the weekend and took the top two spots. One, a thriller starring Brad Pitt, involves super speed zombies that move in a way that is similar to ants, and the other is a Pixar animated prequel to Monsters inc.  That being said neither film touched what the latest incarnation of Superman did at the box office in its opening weekend  and the last son of Krypton still brought in over 40 mil in sales in its second week. But the real surprise was that a G rated feature earned the top spot. The family flick, Monsters University took the top spot this weekend proving once again that Pixar is a force to be reckoned with, even against the biggest blockbusters the summer has to offer. Here is the top 5 at the box office this weekend.

5. Now You See Me: Another respectable week as the cool concept of magicians playing Robin Hood stole another 7 million in ticket sales

4. This Is The End: last weeks number 2 stays in the top 5. Seth Rogen and friends have got to be happy about that. Looks like this could be the raunchy comedy of the summer. (sorry wolf pack Hangover 3 was meh)

3. Man of Steel: So it dropped to number 3 after only one week of release. it did still earn 41 million more in ticket sales.

2. World War Z: Brad Pitt plus fast zombies PLUS a huge budget PLUS its based on a pretty awesome book. It's kind of a shame it didn't do a bit better but did earn 66 million.

1. Monsters University: Mike and Sully back in College. I admit I haven't seen it, but from the trailer I just watched, it kinda looks like a family friendly version revenge of the nerds/old school/animal house. Evidently the formula worked. it brought in 82 Million in domestic earnings its opening week.