What year is it again?

A little less than a week since the Jackie Robinson statue was defaced with racial slurs, another act at racism shows its ugly face at an MLB ballpark. The Baltimore Orioles were in San Francisco yesterday and in the ninth inning something very messed up happened. When the Orioles were crushing the Giants 10-2 in the bottom of the ninth, Adam Jones was in the outfield waiting to get the final three outs of the game when someone threw a banana peel at him.

Jones took to Twitter to call out the fan.

Now I am a Baltimore Orioles fan, I grew up there my entire life. When I turned 18 I moved to Texas to go to college. Now I support the Cowboys, Mavericks and Stars. My one team that I go actually could go see growing up was the Orioles. Now I actually watched this entire game yesterday and I did not see this happen.

The Giants are reviewing security camera footage to find the culprit. People that do racist acts like this at games make me sick. Grow up people its 2013.