After Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast, Mike D of the Beastie Boys wanted a way to help out the community. His solution was starting up the Rockaway Plate Lunch, which is a food truck that has provided free meals to more than 19,000 residents of Brooklyn.

Teaming up with restaurateur Robert McKinley, they serve between two hundred to five hundred people each time the truck goes out, with healthy meal options offered. They have specifically targeted a neighborhood called the Rockaways, which was devastated by the hurricane.

Though the food truck has been providing free meals, they are looking to start charging eventually, with Mike D saying, "Our real goal for this summer is to help revitalize the local economy. So we're trying to switch the truck over from giving away food, to charging for food but having it become staffed, run and operated on every level by citizens of the Rockaways."

Learn more about this awesome project in the video below: