Now this is how I like my videos - twisted, perverse and downright creepy. Sure, a couple of dudes jamming in a warehouse or on the side of a mountain gets the job done, but I love it when bands go the extra mile to make a memorable video.

Middle Class Rut are one of the most promising up-and-coming bands and I, for one would love to see them break though and gain the recognition they so deserve. Their brand of big, atmospheric alt-rock immediately struck a chord with me when a heard 'New Low' for the first time and after a few listens to their debut full-length No Name No Color, it was clear to me that MC Rut is a band to keep an eye on.

It appears I'm not the only person that feels that way because the band landed a coveted spot on this year's Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival alongside Alice in Chains, Jane's Addiction and others. Catch the festival at Gexa Energy Pavilion in Dallas Wednesday, August 28.

'Aunt Betty' is the first single from Middle Class Rut's upcoming album Pick Up Your Head, out June 25 on Bright Antenna Records.