Let me talk trash to arguably the greatest NBA player of all time.

Hall of Famer and Charlotte Bobcats owner Michael Jordan related a story earlier this week about having gone head-to-head with a brash young thing named O.J. Mayo at his annual Flight School camp.The meeting came back when the former Dallas Maverick guard was still a heavily hyped high-school student sorting through scholarship offers from big-name programs; he'd eventually choose USC, spend one year in L.A. and enter the draft, going third overall to the Minnesota Timberwolves before being swapped for No. 5 pick Kevin Love in an eight-player deal.

Well OJ Mayo is now a Milwaukee Buck and since the Bucks had just opened training camp. Media members obliged M.J.'s request, leading to O.J. sharing his side of the story check it out below.

If, as Mayo tells Bucks broadcaster Jim Paschke, the game took place before Mayo entered his junior year of high school, which would have been the summer of 2006, pegging him at 18 years old. That'd put Jordan at 43. Testimonials can only tell us so much about the kind of work Jordan was putting in at 43.

Assuming that 2006 timeline is correct, Jordan was three years removed from his last NBA action with the Washington Wizards when he worked Mayo over. It's been a full decade now, but that hasn't stopped rumblings about the ever-competitive Jordan actually making good on the threat of coming back at 50 that he made during his infamous Hall of Fame induction speech, even if only for one game.

Watch Michael Jordan School OJ Mayo Below: