Metallica brought out their new stage show in Mexico City last weekend, and with that stage came a ton of pyrotechnics and stage effects. A lot of video was taken at the show, and the band has put together a montage of that footage.

The band posted on their website:

What an amazing first show with the new mind blowing stage. During Puppetz, lighted crosses came up from the stage, Battery saw pyro and coffins, then we had Nothing. Enter Sandman was up next, and that's when s*** really hit the fan! Loud bangs, random fireworks, falling towers, falling spot light guy, falling scaffolding, guy was caught on fire, then a complete black out.

The guy catching on fire is a part of the show that hit the internet after the concert, with people thinking that there were issues with the pyrotechnics. Two men were taken out on stretchers, but we found out later that it’s part of the show and the men are just fine.

This concert gives a first look at the stage that Metallica has been talking about for quite a while. It’s a 140-foot-by-50-foot stage, and that allows for a lot of room to run around and play with. A while back the band was also talking about the cost of being a band, and that it’s expensive to maintain all of their expenses. With a stage like this, it’s no wonder. But the result is totally worth it to the fans. Check out their montage below.