Let the speculation begin my brothers and sisters of the Metal Militia - Metallica have posted a cryptic video titled "Save the Date" teasing some sort of major announcement to be made tomorrow (2/7) at 1PM CT. After watching the video, I can only assume that it's in reference to some sort of live event and not another collaboration with a homeless drunk guy who stumbled into their jam pad one day while they were warming up.

Here's my theory - back in September, Lars Ulrich was interviewed by Rog and Bryce on New Zealand's top rock station The Rock FM. Here's what he had to say:

We have been kicking some ideas around about doing some stuff that — how shall I say it — is pretty theatrical . . . We might incorporate a lot of different ideas, instead of it being one particular thing. It would be a multitude of theatrical elements, maybe as an idea for a one-off tour or something.

I'll be shocked if this announcement isn't in reference to the above quote but you never know. I'll also be pissed if that is the case and (just like the Big Four shows) they don't bring the show anywhere nearby. Whatever the case, we'll know more tomorrow...check out the video and commence speculating.