When you’re a fan of a band, it feels like forever while you’re waiting for a new album to come out. For Metallica fans, we’ve been waiting since Death Magnetic came out in 2008, and now it sounds like we still have time before we see the next album.

The band is set to hit the studio in September to begin recording their next album, but Lars Ulrich is saying that we shouldn’t get too excited about seeing anything released for a while yet, and it will probably be 2014 before the music will hit shelves.

It’s no surprise that we’ve been waiting and will continue to do so. Metallica just hosted the Orion Music + More Festival and are already planning for the same event next year. They’ve also been touring and working on their 3D concert film, which they’ll record footage for in August. The band’s footage will be shot in Vancouver, and Ulrich has talked about what else we’ll see on the big screen:

[The film] is a narrative, and the rest of the stuff that goes on outside of the concert is not going to feature members of Metallica… in any way, shape or form. It’s a split narrative that kind of runs parallel to the concert.

So for now, Metallica fans, sit back and enjoy what you already have in your collection, but be on the lookout for their film and start making plans to travel to the east coast for Orion next year.