When rock and sports come together, it is always a beautiful thing.

When I am not working here at the Buzz in the majority of my free time I am watching sports. As most sports fans do they check in each and every day as to what is going on with SportsCenter. When we are not constantly getting updates as to what Lebron James had for breakfast it is quite entertaining.

A flagship of the station has been the 'This is SportsCenter' commercials they play. Here at the Buzz are favorite has probably been the John Clayton Slayer promo. When you throw some Metallica into an ESPN promo of course we have to watch it.

I talk a lot of crap about the Yankees, but if their has been one player I have respected on that team it was Mariano Rivera. You have got to give it up to the greatest closer in MLB history. As most people know he would come out to Metallica's, 'Enter the Sandman'. Well since Mariano retired, this promo is poking fun at Metallica not being busy since he is gone.

Check Out the Metallica 'This is SportsCenter' Promo Below: