Everyone likes a great gag photo. Ryan Letchford and Jeffrey Olsen of Pennsylvania do as well. A couple of weeks ago, they broke into a police van to take gag photos, but then found themselves locked inside!

It all started when the two men left a party early and found the van, which was located in the parking lot they were in. Once inside, they realized they weren’t able to get out. A friend went looking for them after they failed to return to the party, and that’s when he found the pair in the police van. The friend called 911 to report what was happening.

Constable Mike Connor came to the scene to get the men out, and had a few interesting words about them.

"I came down and unlocked the doors, and 'Dumb and Dumber' pranced out of the van," Connor said. "They looked a little embarrassed."

Connor said the men had been smoking cigarettes and spitting while inside the vehicle. Cigarette butts and "a large amount of saliva" were in the van, police said.

Then men were arrested, but it’s unclear as to why there was a large amount of saliva in the van. Moreover, I wonder if the photos ever made it to Facebook...

Have you ever found yourself in an embarrassing situation with the police?

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