Everyone likes to watch a good prank, though many of us don’t like to have them pulled on us. For one guy, he figures he found a great way to prank his wife. While on the highway, they came upon a semi truck that was being pulled, and he woke his wife by yelling about the truck. This may not be the best way to prank your wife.

To make things even better, the guy then proceeded to post the video on YouTube, and I’m betting the wife isn’t particularly happy about that. Unless, of course, she’s hoping for 15 minutes of fame if the video goes viral. Maybe Tosh.0 will call her up for a web redemption and scare her with a myriad of other pranks one can play on while driving. That could actually make a decent redemption... he would make it hilarious.

The concept of this prank is simple enough and to be honest, I’d probably try to pull it myself if the opportunity presented itself.

What kinds of pranks do you pull on your friends and family? Have you ever tried one like this?