As EVERYBODY and their dog has probably heard, WE BROUGHT IT HOME TO TEXAS!!!!The 2011 NBA Champs, THE Dallas Mavericks made history and a WHOLE LOT of Texas very happy Sunday night trumping the Miami Heat in game 6 of the Finals. On a side note, I think if your in pro sports there's got to be a certain level of professionalism upheld, ahem LeBron! The biggest joy of this championship is not only is it the ONLY championship in franchise history, but is redemption and a long overdue win for Dirk! He has been with the Mavs for 13 seasons now. He is franchise and pretty much the backbone of the team, and with his fader we can see why. Im a big Mavs fan, anything Texas really, and to see this happen for Dirk, Terry and all the boys gives me a big ol' grin! ENJOY DALLAS!!!!