If I were a man, ready to propose marriage to my beloved, I would want it to be a grand event. I’d plan for something big like a ballpark surprise, or maybe with something cheesy like a flash mob. One man in Indiana figured a hot air balloon ride was the way to propose to his girlfriend, so they took to the skies and he popped the question.

Shortly after she said yes, the pilot of the balloon tried to land, and that’s when things went wrong.

It would seem that power lines and hot air balloons don’t mix.

They hit a power line with the basket, which shocked the pilot. He in turn fell into the bride-to-be, shocking her. From there, the groom-to-be performed CPR on the pilot, who was unconscious, and they somehow managed to get the balloon to the ground.

The pilot and woman were taken to a nearby hospital, but their injuries were minor.

For those who are superstitious, this would be a tell-tale sign to get out now, and don’t let the door hit you on the way out. For others, it’s a sign that the couple’s love can withstand anything. Awww…

As for my thoughts, I wouldn’t be in a hot air balloon to begin with. I’m terrified of heights, and the idea of being in the air, at the mercy of the winds, doesn’t appeal to me at all. It looks like fun, and balloons are fun to watch as they pass over in the skies, but putting my life in danger doesn’t spell L-O-V-E to me. But that’s just me and my sissy attitude talking.