One of the most fined owners in all of professional sports has to be Mark Cuban. Well he wants to get one more from the guy that has been dishing them out to him for the past fourteen years.

Mark Cuban has been the Dallas Mavericks owner since 2000 and in that time he has racked up nineteen NBA fines. The fines have amounted to $1.8 million and Cuban thinks he needs to make his fines an even twenty before Stern retires. David Sterns retirement is scheduled to take place on February 1, 2014.

Before that date the Mavericks have a total of eight games, so Cuban may be able to give Stern his retirement present early. You may think Cuban hates Stern, but he made a very heartwarming statement on the retiring commissioner.

"One reason that I truly respect David is that he followed the rules," Cuban said. "He didn't want to be king. He wanted to be successful and make the NBA successful. He was less concerned with his legacy than with creating results for the NBA. He knows that the results will stand the test of time and define his legacy."