I don’t know about you, but I like beer. When I’m done with my beer cans, however, I throw them out. Sure, it would be fun to just crush them up and toss them on the floor, but that would be… nasty. A guy in Arizona didn’t seem to think so, and when his house went up in flames recently, firefighters couldn’t save his house due to all of the beer cans in the way.

When firefighters first tried to enter the home, they had to break the door down. They couldn’t open it, you see, because there were about three to four feet of beer cans up against it. When they finally did enter, they discovered thousands of the crushed cans littering the entire floor, and had to wade through the mess in order to even get to the stairs. In addition to the beer cans, the homeowner had been keeping newspapers which were stacked up in the house. To make matters worse, there were bars on all of the windows.

Everything added up to firefighters needing to evacuate without doing a search and rescue. Luckily the man who lived there wasn’t home at the time of the blaze.

Perhaps it’s because I don’t personally understand the psychology of a hoarder, or maybe it’s because I like to see my floors, but I find the image of this home disturbing.

Oh, but I almost forgot the best part, my friend. This dude told reporters that he isn’t a hoarder, he was simply “holding on to” the cans. Holding on to, indeed.

Do you collect anything strange? Does it irritate others in your home?