If you thought you had co-workers who are bad, you can be happy you aren’t working with this guy. A man in Des Moines has been charged with second-degree criminal mischief after being caught urinating on chairs in his office.

Raymond Foley was working in the IT department and apparently had been using the company’s employee database to select his victims. Four different women had been complaining about strange stains on their chairs, and Foley was finally nabbed doing the deed this past Saturday.

The women are said to be attractive, so perhaps he was just leaving his mark. He selected the women and has been peeing on their chairs over the course of the past five months, and now he’s gotten himself canned over it.

Here’s what really gets me. He’s accused of relieving himself on four chairs, yet the damage is said to be around $4,500. What kind of chairs is this office buying?

Huffington Post