If you have a pet, and if you’re like me, you love your pet. They really do become little members of the family, and they’re fun to hang out with. When a pet dies, it can be crushing. Some taxidermy their animals, and it’s not always done well. A Dutch artist’s cat was hit by a car a while back, and instead of grieving for it or making it something he could put on his mantle, he turned his feline into a radio controlled flying machine.

Bart Jansen had named the cat Orville, after Orville Wright, and the man clearly has a taste for things that fly. He turned his cat into a half-cat, half-machine, and when I heard about this I wasn’t sure what it would look like.

Shockingly, it’s kind of cool.

The cat has his legs splayed outward, with his tail straight back. At one point in the video the cat seems to be looking straight at you, and Jansen seems to have pretty good control over where Orville is going. Jansen has named the contraption the “Orvillecopter,” and he plans on giving the flying machine more powerful engines and larger propellers in the near future.