Don't know what the Beer Mile is? No worries, I didn't either before this, but it may be the greatest thing ever.

Simply put, a Beer Mile is a test of your physical stamina and your ability to hold your alcohol. All you have to do is run a mile around a track, which would be four laps, while stopping to chug a beer after each lap.

The previous world record holder (Jim Finlayson) set the bar high back in 2007, running the Beer Mile in only 5:09. By now you must have come to the conclusion that there is a new Beer Mile world record holder, or else this post would be completely useless.

So who is the new record holder?

Two-time NCAA 5,000-meters champion and Canadian James Nielsen managed to shatter the old record, running the Beer Mile in only four minutes, 57 seconds. AMAZING!

34-year-old Nielsen claims he has been training for an entire year to try and break the record, even getting back down to his college running weight.

"I have studied the anatomy of the esophagus and the upper sphincter. I have consulted with some of the best chemical minds on the planet about the chemistry composition of beer and carbon dioxide displacement in a can," Nielsen said about his preparation.

Running a mile in under five minutes is amazing in itself (It took me 13 minutes in Jr. High, I was a chunky monkey).

Running a mile in less than five minutes WHILE stopping to chug a beer each lap, quite possibly the greatest thing ever accomplished in the history of mankind.

"That is really painful," Nielsen said after his record. "Holy sh#t."