Mao Sugiyama is a man who considers himself asexual. For most people, that simply means they don’t affiliate with any gender. The Tokyo man took his asexuality one step further by not being affiliated with genitalia, and served his up at a banquet in April.

It happened when he offered up his penis and testicles via Twitter, and for just $250 a plate diners could enjoy their meal cooked up however they wanted it prepared. Sugiyama cooked the main course himself, and adorned his jewels with button mushrooms and parsley.

Six people were slated to dine on the feast, but only five showed up to the event. There were plenty of spectators, however, to witness the event.

A part of me wonders if this story is a hoax like the dentist pulling out all of her ex’s teeth.

First off, asexual people don’t typically cut off their sexual organs to prove a point. Secondly, my son lost a finger when he was 13-years-old and it was a horrifically painful injury. To have all of your genitals removed, even surgically, would likely hurt like hell. I doubt he would have been up to making a 4-star meal. Lastly, those who dined on the meal would be considered cannibals, and why would you want to attach that nametag to your resume?

I did some digging on this article and found nothing but the same information repeated, but what I did find are photos that may or may not be of his genitalia. If it’s a real story, it’s really messed up. And by messed up, I mean that I can’t write the appropriate words in this public forum.

Now that you have that image in your head, who’s up for lunch?