As expected the new Superman flick, Man of Steel, opened at number one in this weekends box office earnings. What is a bit more surprising might be exactly how successful it was.  Not only did it take down last weeks number 1 movie, The Purge, but it set a box office record in the process. The film earned a whopping 125 million in its first weekend in theaters making 'Man of Steel' the largest grossing movie to be released in the month of June. Like ever. I am not sure why everyone is so surprised considering its a film about arguably the most notable superhero, was produced by Christopher Nolan of 'The Dark Knight' fame, and directed by Zack Snyder, the dude who directed 300 and launched Gerard Butler, and his abs, career.  The top 5 at this weeks box office is below, as is a trailer for the awesomeness that is the Man of Steel!

5. The Purge- last weeks number 1, brought in another 8 million, totaling 51.8 million gross in two weeks.

4. Fast & Furious 6- Spent several weeks at number 1, brought in 9 million more totaling a gross of 219.6 million dollars

3. Now You See Me- who would have thought a film about magician bank robbers would have been so successful... oh yeah every 12 year-old boy ever... 10 mil this week bringing their gross up to 80 million dollars.

2. This is The End- A Seth Rogen directed R rated comedy about the Apocalypse featuring the chick from Harry Potter... Yeah this would've been numero uno if not for a certain Kansas farm boy.  20 million over the weekend but it opened on Wednesday so it has 32 million so far in earnings.

1. Man of Steel- Superman at his finest. 125.1 million in Gross domestic in its opening week.  Yeah its true... chicks dig the uniform.