A lot of men wait to get married, but a man in Thailand took it one step further – he married his girlfriend after she died, at her funeral.

Chadil Deffy had been dating Sarinya Kamsook for about 10 years when she suddenly died in a car accident. Shortly before her death, she had suggested they get married, but he had continued to put it off. His reason for not marrying sooner was that he was concentrating on his studies, and wanted to wait to tie the knot.

Unfortunately for the couple, that day never came. In the meantime, there has been an outpouring of support over his final act of love.

In a statement, Deffy said that:

He felt he hadn't done enough for his girlfriend of 10 years while she was alive. Before her sudden death in a road accident, she had suggested that he marry her. But he had demurred, putting the idea on hold. The "wedding" was his attempt to right a wrong, however belated the gesture might have been.

I’m a bit on the fence on this one. A part of me says that it’s really sweet that he loves her so much that he still commits himself to her. Another part of me says it’s beyond creepy. Moreover, when I look at the photo I can’t help but wonder where the bottom half of her dress is. It almost seems as though the people seated at her feet would be able to see right up the mini skirt she appears to be dressed in. If she was a living subject it might be hot, but considering the circumstances I think it’s horrifically disrespectful.

Photos of the ceremony were posted on Deffy’s Facebook page.

What do you think about this wedding/funeral?

Huffington Post