Not having sex with animals seems like common sense to us here in the States, but you would be surprised how many people around the world are still trying to tap some random ass, literally.

Surprisingly, this story doesn't take place in Mexico. Instead, let's travel halfway around the world to Lebanon, where donkey loving is just as popular.

One man from Saudi Arabia was looking to have the vacation of a lifetime, which included having sex with a donkey. So he got his hands on a young, hot looking donkey and took off to the middle of the desert.

When he arrived at his location, he tied the donkey to his truck and took off his pants. From there everything went downhill.

Without even attempting any foreplay, which is just wrong on so many levels, the man waddled up behind the beast and began trying to get it on with the poor little donkey.

But the donkey had different plans. At the first threat of anal penetration, the donkey lashed out, kicking the man in the head. The beat down didn't stop there though.

Mr. Donkey also landed three kicks to man’s chest, which was enough to kill him on the spot.

Police eventually found the dead man, alongside the tied up donkey, still I the middle of the desert without his pants on.

So was this man some sick pervert? Probably. Or are all the woman in the Middle East worse looking than a donkey? We may never know, but at least this would be donkey rapist got what he deserved.