Wow. This guy's dead wife is kinky.

Three years ago, Milena Marinkovic of Serbia was dying, and she had her husband, 72-year-old Milan Marinkovic, make a promise.

She wanted him to get an exact replica of her lady bits engraved on her tombstone. Milan says Milena told him, "I don't want you chasing other women. This way you will always remember me."

She even stuck a camera where the sun don't shine and took a series of photographs so the sculptor working on the project would be able to replicate her accurately.

It took Milan a while to find an artist to do the engraving. "Most of them said it was blasphemy," he said. But eventually he found a sculptor willing to take on the project. And now, Milena's new tombstone is in place, complete with lady parts.

Milan says, "I love it and it's a really good likeness. And this way, a part of her will always be with me."

He also says Milena's brother saw the tombstone and didn't know the context, so he asked Milan why he'd engraved a bird with such a large beak on Milena's tombstone. No brother, not a bird. That's your sister's 'C U Next Tuesday.' Worst family member tombstone ever.

Well if this guy can do this, then when we die, you are all to pitch in and have a giant wiener sculpture erected in the cemetery in our honor. We'll send photos for accuracy soon.

Here is a picture of the man's wife's vagina engraved on her tombstone:

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