Davecat is just like you and me. He goes to work every day, comes home to make dinner, and he probably watches a little television before going to bed. He also has a woman in his life, a synthetic sex doll. Featured on the TLC show “My Strange Addiction,” Davecat makes me wonder if it's just an act, if he really is addicted, and whether or not this man should be on medication.

He says that he called her his synthetic girlfriend at first, but now the doll is referred to as his wife. He enjoys spending time with her, taking photos, and, apparently, the sex is fantastic. As a couple, they continue to grow emotionally. Davecat says:

The whole interaction on a day-to-day basis along the lines of like getting her dressed, you know... brushing her hair, things of that nature... it brings us closer together as a couple.

Davecat talks about all of this as though it's perfectly normal. Am I missing something here?

I can understand having toys in one's bedroom for those lonely nights, but to interact with your sex toy as though it's a member of your family is a little much for me. I've never brought out Mr. Pickles the vibrating love machine to watch a movie with me, and if I went to a friend's house to see a Fleshlight sitting on the coffee table, it would probably freak me out.

How would you react to Davecat and his “wife?” Would you converse with her as though she was really there, or would you hit the road screaming?