Make-up sex is a proud, long-standing tradition for couples all over the world.  You get in a fight, argue a little bit, hopefully reach some kind of resolution, then have sex - and everything is right with the world again.

But Dr. Seth Meyers is a clinical psychologist at "Psychology Today ", and he says make-up sex is actually a bad thing - because it's just like a crackhead smoking crack. Oh really Dr. Myers?  Have you ever had make up sex? I'm guessing no, because everybody knows that sex is like pizza. Even the bad kind is still pretty damn good.

Meyers says make-up sex isn't the way a couple actually shows each other intimacy or affection after getting in a fight.  It's just a way of switching gears from negative feelings to the positive experience of sex. So tell me, how does that equate to being a bad thing again?

So you're just trying to jump immediately from feeling really low to feeling really high, which is like a fiending crack addict smoking crack.  Well if that's the case then call me Richard Pryor and  bring on the crack [sex]!

And if you weren't happy with how the fight turned out, once the make-up sex is over and you come back down, you'll feel even worse. So our advice - just never stop having sex. (Best advice you ever got, isn't it)?

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