It is right around that time of year where we all know someone that thinks they can make the perfect March Madness bracket. Well if you do, you earn yourself one billion dollars.

I have to be honest I hate college basketball. I feel like they have too many teams in the tournament and they are even talking about expanding it. Why?! 68 teams is not enough to determine who the best team in college basketball is? I also hate the increased shot clock timer. I love the NBA and I think the 24 second shot clock timer is perfect. Why is it 35 seconds in college? Why not make it 30 seconds? In my opinion that 11 seconds slows down the game to a snails pace at the end of a game.

I have had to make a March Madness bracket at work in the past and I dread doing it every year. I just pick the team with the best mascot every year. Hence why I had the Northwestern State Demons winning it all last year.

Well if you think you are good at making a bracket, multibillionaire Warren Buffett will give you a billion dollars. It must be perfect to receive the billion dollars. If you think you are the best March Madness predictor, why not give it a shot?

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