Both Microsoft and EA debuted new and exciting features to this years version of Madden, the flagship name of EA Sports games, at E3 this past week. This is most likely because for the first time in years the improvements and features added to the game are worth mentioning.

Most years the only real difference between the previous year's game is new players and updated ratings. Game designers would throw in a few gimmicky features that would either not work properly or not be utilized enough to change the way the game is experienced. Since the first 'next-gen' madden was released for the Xbox 360 in 2006 each installment has played and felt pretty much like the same game.

This year may be different.

The two biggest new features that the new game boasts could drastically change the experience of game-play. The game features an all new game-play engine called the "Infinity Engine". This supposedly takes the physics of a real life NFL game and implements it into the game. That means that no longer will tackles, hits, sacks, or any other kind of contact be a preset move, but instead a changeable physics based reaction where no two tackles will be identical. Several factors will weigh in on how the contact looks such as player weight, speed, size, and positioning. No more corner backs manhandling power runners like Muarice Jones-Drew.

The game also utilizes Kinect in an all new way, as Joe Montana demonstrates in the photo above. The game does not utilize the Kinect's camera as most games do, but instead uses the microphone so that players can bark out orders and audibles to their team before the snap of the ball. This will save valuable time because instead of having to search through a number of menu options to shift your line protection or call a hot route all the player has to do is call out the name of the player they wish to change and give them one of over 6,000 orders. For more info on the other changes upgrades and new features made to Madden NFL '13 check out one of the many previews available online

Only time will tell if these new features are all they are cracked up to be but hopefully this years Madden Football game will be worth the $60 myself... and thousands of other football fans shell out at the end of the summer every year.