I'm ready to hear the new Machine Head album. Well...I'm always ready to hear the new Machine Head album, especially since they got their heads out of their asses after Supercharger and started going in the right direction again with the release of 2004's Through The Ashes Of Empires.

The only problem I've had with some of their newer stuff is that it seems like the songs are intentionally long, but not completely interesting. It's one thing to write a long song because you've got all these killer riffs that tie together, but it's another to piece together what could've easily been two shorter songs.

There were only three songs on their debut (and best) album Burn My Eyes that clocked in at over six minutes and it worked well for those three tunes, but not so much for the stuff on 2007's The Blackening...those songs lost me after a while.

Anyway, Machine Head's new album Unto The Locust drops in September on Roadrunner Records.