Alabama's Lynam steps up to the plate today with their new single, 'Cold'.

The track comes from Lynam's new EP, Halfway to Hell, which was released back in December on New Ocean Media.

According to Blabbermouth, vocalist Jacob Bunton says 'Cold' is about being fed up with your current situation. He states, " Sometimes it's hard to leave behind who you are to find out who you could become. There are a lot of obstacles in life." He adds, "Sometimes it's your dreams that break your heart the most. The struggle pushes most people to their breaking point and they give up. Everybody believes their problems are worse than everybody else's. Tomorrow is never promised and the world will knock you down, but it's up to each of us to keep standing back up."

While Bunton doesn't directly state it, my guess is that 'Cold' is a reference to the ups and downs Lynam have experienced in the years since signing their initial record deal back in 2005. The band's major label debut album, Slave to the Machine, was well received by critics but the record didn't produce a hit single - something that has eluded the band ever since.

Maybe 'Cold' will be the breakthrough hit that Lynam have been looking for. Give it a spin and vote in the below poll.