A rock music category getting screwed over at a music awards show, because that has never happened before.

I have to admit I haven't watched the VMA's in probably five years. However, I was quite surprised when I heard who won Best Rock Music Video - Lorde, with her song 'Royals'. So I didn't get the memo here at The Buzz that Lorde was considered rock. I always considered that song a pop song that our sister station 92.9 NIN would play.

Lorde beat out, Linkin Park 'Until Its Gone', Imagine Dragons 'Demons', The Black Keys 'Fever' and Arctic Monkeys 'Do I Wanna Know?'. I seriously don't know how Lorde made it into the category, but somehow she won. I would take anyone of those bands winning in a rock category over Lorde.

Don't worry we have no plans here at the Buzz to start playing Lorde. In case you haven't heard the Lorde song, check it out below.

Check Out 'Royals' Below: