Don't you hate it when you go on a long road trip, get to the destination and realize you forgot something important?  Like your lead singer?!  Well, Lock-17 may or may not have been guilty of that exact predicament when they drove down to the Buzz studio for their Homebrew interview, but it was the first time I had an interview with a band who was in the studio and on the phone.  The guys were gracious enough to hustle down, a total of 4 hours of driving to-and-from, uphill, barefoot and both ways in the snow from Oklahoma City.  But man am I glad they did!

The band consists of Dewayne Clifton- Vocals (he called in from Tulsa), Craven Harris - Guitar, Rusty Wigham - Guitar, Justin Combs - Drums and Rick Wescott - Bass.  This band not only brought down two great sounding tracks but T-shirts and CD's!  I love to give a way free stuff!  Now, I'm not going to bore you with details or give you a summary of how the interview went, because if you were actually one of the "cool" people, you would have heard it when it aired on the radio:P  But, I am a forgiving DJ and will grace you with the opportunity to hear part 1 of the interview along with the audio of the stripper they brought with them (it's the name of the first song they showcased, just listen).

Interview nummer eins mit Lock-17. Es ist wunderbar!

Stripper:  their first showcased song, which they wrote about [insert annoying female name here]!

Lock-17's music is available now on iTunes!  Go getcha sum and get ready for interview part two and 'Sugar Momma!'