While mentioning the grand opening of the second Parkway Grill location on I-44 during a radio broadcast a few weeks ago, I made note that a certain radio personality in town (who will remain nameless) had a hamburger named after him at The famed local restaurant. I then issued a question to Scotty P, owner of The Parkway Grill, asking how exactly one gets a menu item named after them. Is there a series of tasks one must complete? Is this honor only held for former olympians? Must one spend all their free time rescuing puppies from storm drains? Do you have to have once beaten John Wayne in a staring contest? What exactly must a Radio personality do to get a sandwich named for them? A few days later I received an email.

Turns out that there are only two requirements to have a bad boy burger of the month named after you:

1. You have to create an awesome burger... or in my case sandwich.

2. You have to be awesome!

I had it made! I was already the most awesome guy I knew so all I had to do was come up with the most amazing Chicken Sandwich on the planet.

Therefore I introduce to you Robbie Cage's Rippin" Chicken Sandwich:

A grilled chicken breast tossed in Parkway's own Willy Sauce on a wheat bun with, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and one of Parkway's Famous Fried Cheese sticks split open. Served with fries all for only $7.99

For those of you out there who do not care for buffalo style chicken I suggest you order the sandwhich with their honey BBQ sauce, or just get the sandwich as a burger with a handcrafted beef patty. The sandwich will be available the whole month of April at both Parkway locations. If you like it be sure to mention it to your waitress. Who knows... maybe it will become a regular menu item.

I want to extend my gratitude and admiration to Scotty P and the entire staff at both Parkway Grill Locations for the sandwich. As a guy who has frequented the sports bar since I could walk I am truly honored that you have named a sandwich in my honor.

Texas Forever.