Tolu "Techdaddy" Agunbiade has been very busy the past couple of months, and he is ready to travel to Oklahoma City in April for a big fight.

Tolu has been training very hard in both Wichita Falls and Vernon area, and on April 18 he will be headed to fight at OFC 1 in Oklahoma City at the Chevy Bricktown Center. General admission is only $30, but if you want premium reserved it will cost $50. If you are thinking about going check out the OFC 1 website.

The thing I am most jealous about Tolu is the weigh ins will be taking place at a Hooters. Seriously, Wichita Falls can we please get a Hooters. Watching football on Sundays without Hooters wings is just depressing.

Check Out the OFC 1 Poster Below: