Driving can be pretty dangerous as it is. Half the people driving those thousand pound chunks of metal may not even be paying attention to the road. Throw in a few Asians and the Guns N Roses classic "Paradise City" and you might as well start looking for a burial plot.

In a new survey released by the insurance website Confused.com, they claim that listening to rock music while driving causes men to drive more aggressively, "Paradise City" being one of the most dangerous songs.

London University psychologist Simon Moore claims "Music that is noisy, upbeat and increases your heart rate is a deadly mix. A fast tempo can cause people to subconsciously speed up to match the song. Also, listening to music you don't like can cause stress and distraction, and that also negatively affects driving."

The website used their MotorMate app to monitor motorist as they drove 250 miles without music, and then the same distance with music. The results showed that people do drive faster with certain kinds of music playing. For men it's rock and roll that gets our engines pumping while women drove more aggressively when listening to hip-hop.

Dr. Moore recommends that when driving, it's best to listen to music that matches your natural heart rate. So instead of jamming out to some GnR, why not try Aerosmith's "I Don't Want to Miss a Thing," Kings of Leon's "Closer" or David Bowie's "Life on Mars," all of which are recommended by Dr. Moore.