Linkin Park has come out with the official music video for their single ‘Burn it Down.’ The song comes from their album Living Things, which will be released on July 26th. The video was directed by Joe Hahn, who has directed most of their videos for the past several years.

The clip features the band under a strange blue orb for most of the video, until they’re suddenly engulfed in flames. The effects are pretty cool and I like how they ended it, and to be honest I would have been a little surprised if there were no flames used in the making of this video.

Linkin Park will be in Dallas on August 27th along with Incubus.

I’m looking forward to Living Things because it sounds more like the Linkin Park that I’ve always liked. Their last album didn’t hit high on my richter scale, and after listening to it once or twice it ended up in a pile of CDs somewhere. What do you think of this song?