Linkin Park has managed to 'leak' the first single, "Guilty All the Same," from their upcoming sixth studio album The Hunting Party, which should be hitting stores sometime in June.

The band didn't actually leak the song, but instead released it on the Shazam mobile music search app on Thursday.

The song features a ton of guitar, way more than we've heard from Linkin Park in a while, plus rapper Rakim adds a few verses into the mix.

Vocalist Chester Bennington acknowledged the added guitar, saying "The guitars are back for sure. We challenged ourselves to get that 16, 17-year-old kid that was like so excited about what was going on in rock music -- we wanted that kid to be excited again. And that was something that we feel, right now, I mean, with all the great music that's out right now, there seems to be this vacancy for that kind of music -- really aggressive, really energetic music that just kind of doesn't exist right now."

You can check out the new song below.